Processing: Minim

Here I have started at looking into minim which is an audio library installed on the Processing programme.  I have looked at a few examples, these include monitoring amplitude from both recorded sound and live sound. I personally feel the audience cannot interact with the piece unless it involves the audience live.

To begin with I have found the minim quick start page with example of reading the audio and showing visual waveforms as you can see below. Depending on how high the amplitude is, the white lines grow or shrink.


From seeing the crystals exhibition I intend of altering the original image depending on volume rather than heat. However I want my image to break up into particles when there is a certain amount of sound instead of melt black, so once the image is altered it will look like something else to another person. The particles of the image will move at a faster speed depending on the severity of the volume in the space similar to the the amplitude monitor but with a different intention behind it.

Initial Idea

For my initial idea I am interested to focus on the audiences perception . My idea is to get the audience to interact with the piece and listen to how they perceive the work and compare it to what the correct piece is.

When we consume or use the media we engage in a dialogue in which we are actively and imaginatively make sense or what we read hear or see. (Nicholas and Price, 1998)

I want to see how these people make sense and how they interpret the media when they engage with it. To do this I will need to think of who will be seeing my media and the niches. With different individuals and groups they would understand the media “based on their own personal circumstances”(Nicholas and Price, 1998) environment and experiences . This idea came from seeing how children and adult reacted towards things differently for example some of the exhibitions in the different museums like the “Donut” video and poem about driving cars in circles at high speeds.

To show you what i mean the video below will show you have people have interpreted song lyrics even if they are not correct.

From this video you can easily see how the audience depict the lyrics they think to sound most similar and once you listen to it yourself you can see how it is easily mistaken. In my opinion some of the wrong lyrics are better than the original.

With this in mind I shall have my idea show two or more possible translations to get the spectator to solve for themselves. The media could be a live feed abstract video  or using live audio to manipulate what is on the screen. It all depends on getting the attention/interest of the audience for it to be successful.

Nicholas, J. and Price, J. (1998). Advanced studies in media. Walton-on-Thames: Nelson, pp.67-68.

Pleated-Jeans Youtube Channel, (2012). Misheard Song Lyrics. Available at: [Accessed 27 Nov. 2014].

A Blender First

Here is my first Blender Image. This is only of two wine glasses. I was going to create a it with wine pouring in but I found this to be a little too much as this was my first try. wine glass

I do intend to still go further with this in the Future to create a wine glass with liquid inside of it.

I am pleased with the outcome as it does look like it is a glass now.  With the reflection it makes the viewer see it as glass, but with the bottom of the bowl on the glass it its exactly how you see it on a real glass.

The method to creating this was not as difficult as I had expected. It was a simple process to understand once I had learnt what keys to use and which buttons to alter.

The Collaborative Project Outcome

Below I have added pictures of the site that a few members of the collaborative group has created. It holds all of the edited videos files which the rest of the group filmed and altered including the testimonials.

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 00.21.28

The site looks professional and has the use of overlaying pages and jQuery for the video links. The colour scheme is ranged and compliments the variety of performances the Convex lens can give each user.Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 00.21.40

The layout is very simple but with the background not being white it doesn’t make it a negative. Secondly, it allows the viewer to find what they need quickly with the videos clearly displayed and organised design.

The final videos were all edited to a high standard and were made to be quite comical as well as informing so it would catch the viewer’s attention. I was responsible for the editing of the two testimonials which I made more informal to show a more serious side to the product. From research, I have seen that the best testimonials are the ones that are more serious but light-hearted so the viewer can see how they are physically happy about the product instead of being silly and possibly jeopardising the viewers actually taking it seriously. Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 01.35.55

With the overall outcome of this project I was surprised with how well it came out with all the problems we had to work around, etc. However, this could be improved for next time with a more diverse range of camera angles for the videos. Or show how the lens works in first person and within first person.

To see the site with all the final edited videos click this link 

The video outcome

From the previous post about the storyboarding we followed most of them, however we were limited with choice of location and what was possible to do so each had to be altered on the day of footage.

One the filming day we started off with the baking scene where I was acting out to be a poor cook trying to bake pancakes that go horribly wrong without the Convex lens. This scene was not shot in first person at all which I expected could have been the case while I was creating the storyboards. This scene was shot multiple times at different angles to create a range of choice when it comes to editing.

This scene was then moved to another house to show how it all changed compared to life without the convex where the cooking was perfect with little cake perfectly cooked on the tray thanks to the help of Convex.

Secondly we shot the music scene where the consumer at first is really bad at playing any instrument but with the lens can play ay tune on the guitar with ease. This was the scene I filmed. I went for a range of close up and slight changes of angles to see the guitar at one point and the actors expression in an other.

Other scenes filmed were navigating where the viewer got lost without Convex,  and consumers without the lens not being able to skate or stay on the board at all.

The most interesting scenes filmed for me were the ones I had spontaneously thought about on the day. These were the testimonials. I came up with the idea that there should be videos of people praising the product seeing as I have seen quite a few companies use this method to gain the trust of the possible customers and aid their profit. I chose to interview 5 people with different scripts so everyone had a different topic to comment about.

The testimonials were my favourite to film, I had full control of these videos having to script, direct the shots and communicate to the actors in a professional manner. The results I got in footage quality were of a high enough standard that I thought would compliment the product and suit the rest of videos.

The Storyboards

Below I have created storyboards for the scenes that m group shall be filming for the video footage. These include detail about the scenes and then we also have a visual description for some of those to explain how the video should run.


These images show the stories that we want to capture for our videos. Each has a description next to the visual with other information, i.e. equipment and location.


Below were the further detailed storyboards with more visual detail compared to the previous.

storyboard4The one above shows fitness.

storyboard3This one shows baking.

storyboard2This one above shows navigating with the convex product.

The Beginning of The Group Porject

We have been given the task to create a channel based on the possible future, i.e. technology, the economy, etc.

My group and I had gotten together to discuss the Idea of this project. We through out ideas about using a future product that was the next best thing compared to apple products right now.

The first thought that we trough out was a product that contained a daily vlog a person testing the product created which slowly changed to for the negative, the consumer ends up being controlled by the eye piece becoming paranoid and being driven to insanity. However we did not go through with this idea and we all didn’t see how this connected to all key pointers of the brief where we couldn’t show the channel to be ending at any point but continuing as if the channel was still going on forever.

The next idea was about the product. It started around to be like a computer like a chip in the brain or a contact lens. But with great consideration we have decided to go towards the idea of the contact lens, which I was able to convince the group to move forward with.