Time Lapse



Here is an idea for the time lapse I want to do outside of my window. I will be keeping it on from midnight till midday the next day. This is so you can see the change in the darkness and how everything come to life when it gets light.

Time Lapse

Yesterday I was browsing around on the internet for no reason and I was brought you a youtube video about a male who had been on a long trip walking around China for a year. In that year he had taken a few self portraits every other day with new people he had met. Over time the hair on his head and his beard grew longer.

I decided to find more time lapse photography videos to get an idea of other ways people have used the method to create great pieces. ¬†One of the videos I saw was the video I have linked in below. The video can be found on youtube and it is called ‘Time Lapse Photography – Nikon D7000’

This gave me a couple of ideas that I want to pursue now to see what I can create with little experience in this field.