Testing: 2

Today I tried a different area of the foyer which was the entrance, I gt a lot of peoples attention. Some of that was strange looks and others were strange interations.

With the majority of people coming in from the entrance I did get a good amount of people looking at my work. I received comments on what people saw. A woman walked passed slowly with a friend and shouted out “oh! Its a Cat”. This gave me a good indication the woman didn’t see it as a cat until she payed attention towards it.

One interaction I was able to capture was a group of men walking past the screen seeing the interactive piece and started yelling and waving there arms and letting them break up the image and see it go back together.

Overall, today was much better as I got a lot more interaction with my work compared to yesterday and I will attach a video showing some of the footage captured of my work and some peoples reactions.



During the presenting of my interactive piece ip the area was much louder than I expected after the

From the appearances today I noticed most of the people were moving in groups like herds of animals only going in one direction at one time and another ten minutes after. however the amount of people coming in the direction of my piece was not as many whom were com from the other direction. I chose to be in the centre of the foyer at the start which was clearly in site to the people leaving the building from the main exit so I didn’t expect many people to miss seeing my Interactive Audio Cat.
While I was around the sketch I noticed a small group of people notice the cat image and point towards it showing they clearly were drawn towards the image however they did not stay around but walked straight pass. However they were not the only people who noticed as a couple of people noticed the more noise or less. Which was very positive and made me feel like people wanted to work with my piece and pay attention to what they can see.

Towards the sensitivity of the cat at the beginning I chose to heighten the sensitivity in the clean up sketch so the people could be herd but this wasn’t an issue but with the larger crowd not being able to see a clear perspective some people didn’t understand unless they stopped and quietened to look.
But from previous research it showed a different perspective as the rush in the morning is different to one in the evening.

This has lead me to go again tomorrow to test my video gain at a different time in the day to see the difference. I may even change which screen I shall use to see if the audience will act differently if they are in a different area of the foyer.