Letters Found In The Photo

Moving towards a different branch of media, we went down the path of photography which I have had experience down before. The aim of week it to take industrial and/or natural pictures that form in places to look like letters from the alphabet.

Furthermore, we would have to collect all of the letters to create our first and last name. I found myself to be enthused by this thought as I knew a range of areas which would hold a lot of potential for possible findings.

DSC_1062First Stop: The Beach

We lead our way to the beach to look for any patterns in the sand, layout of the bricking, range of numerous textiles, etc. While looking around we found a few perfect examples like the chair on the pier that you can see as an ‘E’, and the support underneath the pier looking like the letter ‘A’.

 DSC_1054     DSC_1079

Currently, I have only collected a few of the letters needed to complete my name. The few I do have are…

DSC_1094  DSC_1054   DSC_1108   DSC_1102  DSC_1079  DSC_1108

I have almost complete my first name, however I do think there is a lot of room for improvement on the letter I already have.