Independent Dorset: Part 3


Here is the final image we have created. With the colours and the characters stance we wanted to show a new dawn for the people of dorset.

In the positioning of the posters we knew the points which people congregated or walked past the most so we decided to pout our posters in those spots to draw attraction toward our poster and get the point of it across to the people around.


As you can see here, we chose t place one near the cafe and female toilet. The people queuing for a drink or going to the toilet would be able to clearly see the poster which they may do to waste time or just our of interest.

IMG_8962The second place we put our poster was near the entrance of the room. As shown above there is a giant figure of the sully character from Monsters Inc whom grabs peoples attention as soon as he is visible so we decided to attach the posters to him as we would be able to get any attention from him redirected to what he is holding in his mouth and hand.

The positioning of the poster was a very important feature to the success of this poster. Without picking the correct area no attention was drawn to it and everyone would turn a blind eye, no point would be able to get across and they may not realise there is a chance for change. Overall, this has made me think about how the environment plays a big part on how the audience doesn’t or does see the media.



Independent Dorset: Part 2

After going off with our sketches we came back to a group meeting which included other groups and critiqued on what we liked and did like. From this we worked down to the design of our poster.

Dorset poster mockups


The current look we image we are going to continue with is the man riding the course as the figure shows to battle and is still recognisable with his simple white lines.

Independent Dorset

In grips of 4 we have been given the task to create a poster for promote dorset in being an independent country(don’t worry, they aren’t really). I along with 3 other members set out with sketches to see what we could all think of which was related to Dorset. My first Idea was elderly people but we came up with many other things like Lulworth Cove and Durdledoor. Despite having many ideas we did not think of the people who may not live in Dorset so we decided to choose a different approach and find out what tourists might know about Dorset.

Currently we have the idea of The Cerne Abbas Giant which is a huge chalk drawing of a man with a club in his hand a noticeable lower area as you can see for yourself below.

cerneabbaspa200608_450x300Seen from the news papers online there have been stories about the drawing disappearing due to farming issues which I think could be a reason why to leave dorset and show through our poster.