Iteration 5: The Final Image

Here are the selection of animal I chose. each of the drawing I have drawn, each with only four colours to avoid complicating the image and losing more of the image as only black and white moves a little while the colour in the images explodes out.  

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 08.50.46

Each of the sketches were done myself through photoshop so I had control over how I wanted each animal to look. All of the animals were aimed to be in the same style with minimal range of colours and clear details so the animal was obvious when the image was still.

 The Dog


To being with I started using the dog as the image used so far was of a cat. Below is a larger image of the dog. I chose a dog as it is a comforting domestic animal that everyone knows about rather than it being a specific celebrity or a certain type of frog. The image is very recognisable to be a dog . However the quality of the dogs image was not up to standard and with the colours used the pixels pulled the whole image apart rather than just the brown patches behind its eyes and the sketch marks. I don’t feel this dog is the correct animal so far through this experiment.  Here are the images below of the dog without live sound and another with sound.


Without Sound


With Sound

The Bunny


I chose the bunny as my next animal of choice because I find them adorable as well as most of my female friends whom I asked. I chose lighter colours than the dogs to see if this would make any difference to the sketch once dispersed. Once I attached the image of the bunny I felt the image looked much better than previously with the dog image. The colours that weren’t white broke away and exploded outwards like specific puzzle pieces taken out of the puzzle. This image was very strong and I very possible to be the final image to be used. Below you can see how the image reacted with and without audio read. As you can see the image has reacted a lot better to the sound and has given the desired effect.


Without Sound


With Sound

The Catcattest

There were multiple choices of animals I wanted to try like a giraffe but I thought using a familiar and warming animal would be the better option, so I updated the cat image. When the image was broken into particles the image didn’t look  like a cat to me but instead a racoon as all the colour has gone as well as the cat defining features. Unlike the bunny and the dog, the feline image is almost unrecognisable when the live audio is loud enough which is the main goal for the final image to have. As you can see below the image has changed clearly.


Without Sound


With Sound

Overall, cat seems to be the best animal in my eyes as the cat is a very recognisable figure and when the image is dispersed into particles it starts to form other animals for example, I though it was more like a panda than a cat. Therefore I shall be using this image to the finished sketch and hopefully  will look similar to the picture shown so others see my piece and have the opportunity to see whatever image they want and decide there own meaning for it.


Iteration 4: Image Ideas

Creating an image where the image can change into two different objects. through the current process I have used a picture of a cat during the process of making my interactive piece and over the time it has lead me decide on what image I want. This could be sticking to something we all see or something a little different to grab the attention of the people.

My first idea on the image was for it to be something a little bit shocking like an image of an infamous celebrity. This would be to get the attention of the audience at a faster pace but I’m not sure if this is the right way to go around it as it might cause upset rather than getting the people understand the art how it is meant to be seen.

My second idea is to use an animal or animals which people understand and to attract the attention because it is more pleasing rather than upsetting. I have decided to look into the range of domestic animals,i.e. dogs, cats, rabbits, etc. This way I can see which one would work best.

I feel the second idea could be a better way to go to avoid turning my interactive displays idea it into something unintended. Furthermore, I will explore each of the possible animals to see which one I feel would work best for the final draft and add the final animal to the interactive piece immediately.