Evaluation of My Interactive Audio Cat

My intentions at the beginning were very simple to how they are now. I started of with minimal knowledge on processing.org which grew slowly over time and a clear idea of what audience the sketch would have been shown to. With the presentation being in the media building foyer the would be people from the age 18 to 22 as the main audiences as well as the teachers. The main aim for any media form to work is it needs to get the peoples attention. Later on, after going through London, visiting the different museums I would unintentionally overlook  how the adults and the children were understanding the different exhibitions and it gave me an idea. This inspired my theory of audience perception. I wanted to use my media to prove other people perception is different to anothers depending on their life experiences.

I slowly grew more knowledge in processing before setting goals to achieve. The list of intentions created were to:

  • Create a piece to catch the audiences eye
  • Learn about processing on a good level
  • Try something new like the minim library on processing
  • Get the audience to try and interact and understand my work

After trying out different examples of processing on different difficulty levels I went on to finding out how I wanted mine to look and behave. I chose sound because it was new ground I hadn’t already covered. This was to motivate me to spread my knowledge and understand more about processing’s options and the bounds of your creativity. With my idea being an image of some sort exploding I didn’t think I would be capable but after going through multiple examples and various forums I was able to see it was possible. My work started off very basic as I only covered the code I knew then but slowly over time the image developed. From the start I knew I wanted to work with minim or audio because it was different and I wanted to explore new grounds that I hadn’t yet focused upon. This had many ups and just as many downs but the outcome was better than I thought I could have done at the beginning of this assignment. I created a piece that was almost identical to what I had imagined.

Working with different code, research, multiple forums and photoshop I feel I have completed each one of these to the best of my ability. However I know there is room for improvement as their would seeing as this programme as well as being presented in a media space. The main issue developed during the presenting, I noticed to get the attention of the audience was a lot more difficult than expected. With the majority of audience members rushing by it was not easy to see how they reacted towards my work or if they understood what it was and what is was doing. To gain more attention I could have used OpenCV and use the camera function so the background of the image was a live view from the camera. This would not have gained everyones attention but it could of drawn peoples attention towards the cat image breaking apart. Another point I did not factor was the environment. It was not a place for everyone to stand about the main area for people to rush around, either leaving or entering. If the environment was closed and forced you to stop and look like the museums I was inspired from this would have given my greater results towards my theory.

Furthermore, even though I chose a more welcoming image of a cat I feel that maybe I should have chosen a more outrageous image. You could argue that we are all use to the comforts and what gets our attention most are the touchy subjects like the lady who got breast implants off of the NHS or when ebola was spreading around Africa and threatening to hit the UK. However, I did not want to cause upset but I feel this would have given me a lot more attention and emotion from the audience.

I could increase the chance of people gaining opinions of my work by a different use of image which clearly has two sides towards it, this could be covering a subject a big headline in the news. In addition to this I would also change the space to where the processing file would be shown in a more private showing. This could be an intimate area where people have been informed or invited to see the interaction work for them so they know they will have to understand the media, show how they feel about it, and what they say it is trying to express to them.  Lastly, I would control more of the environment and the image to see how far I could push people to get themselves to believe what they see is true, and once everyone is quiet prove them to be wrong.

Overall I feel very positive on how the sketch came out very close to the original idea and the vast amount of skills I have gained from this project with many more to come. Not to mention that I will be moving further into understanding how to gain success in integrating an interactive(or not) media into the environment around to make sure I avoid this issue again.

Here is the code below:

PImage img;

int cellsize = 2;
int columns, rows;

import ddf.minim.*;

Minim minim;
AudioInput in;

void setup() {
size(1280, 720, P3D);
img = loadImage(“cattest.png”);
columns = img.width / cellsize;
rows = img.height / cellsize;

minim = new Minim(this);

in = minim.getLineIn();


void draw() {

for ( int i = 0; i < columns; i++) {

for ( int j = 0; j < rows; j++) {
int x = i*cellsize + cellsize/2;
int y = j*cellsize + cellsize/2;
int loc = x + y*img.width; // The pixel arrays location
color c = img.pixels[loc];
float b = map(in.mix.get(i),0, 1,0,10);

float z = (100*b/ float(width)) * brightness(-img.pixels[loc]) +400.0;
//increased sensitivity and size of the image and pixels

translate(x + 370, y +160, z);
fill(c, 204);
rect(0, 0, cellsize, cellsize);


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