Testing: 2

Today I tried a different area of the foyer which was the entrance, I gt a lot of peoples attention. Some of that was strange looks and others were strange interations.

With the majority of people coming in from the entrance I did get a good amount of people looking at my work. I received comments on what people saw. A woman walked passed slowly with a friend and shouted out “oh! Its a Cat”. This gave me a good indication the woman didn’t see it as a cat until she payed attention towards it.

One interaction I was able to capture was a group of men walking past the screen seeing the interactive piece and started yelling and waving there arms and letting them break up the image and see it go back together.

Overall, today was much better as I got a lot more interaction with my work compared to yesterday and I will attach a video showing some of the footage captured of my work and some peoples reactions.


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