Interactive Audio Cat

Interactive Audio Cat from Hayley Vice on Vimeo.

Here you can see my video showing some peoples reactions towards my interactive piece, the areas I showed my media and the piece itself. Overall, from the two days I was able to get a lot of good feedback towards my sketch. I was able to get many types of feedback with students and adults both asking me about how it work or what its meant to mean, spontaneous comments and odd reactions.

There were some points that showed me aspects of how my work could be improved. From monitoring other people watching the live camera feeds the audience were immediately drawn and were redirected to my sketch which lead to the majority of the reaction I recorded. It made me think would I need the background to be a live camera feed so I immediately get the attention of the audience.

With all the information learnt from this I feel there is a lot of knowledge i can’t take forward and into account for future interaction pieces and other medias.


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