Iteration 6: Sketch Clean Up

I changed a few things on my sketch to clean up my sketch. Firstly I changed the size of the canvas to “displayWidth” and “displayHeight” so the image would always fill the screen rather than resizing each time. This saves time and shows I am prepared if the TV screens are all in use and the longer screen is left. Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 18.09.40 Secondly, I created another float called for the audio and used the map function to set the out values for the audio input. Then placed s in the original position of “in.mix.get(i)” and increased the sensitivity to 40000 so sound will be heard from the people’s feet as well as their voices.Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 18.11.23 These were the only chafes I have made towards my sketch as I could not see how I could have decluttered the sketch anymore. With all the alteration the sketch still works and seems to react quicker to sound than before. Hopefully this will show in the presentation of my interactive piece the next week or so.


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