Audience Participation and Communication

Participation is very important to the success of my work and has always been so.

“Participation has played a key role in a variety of approaches within the field of communication and media studies”(Carpentier,2011).

Carpentier (2011) speaks about audience theory and the notion of audience actitivty and have brought up different debates like how the media sphere have used the audiences participation and how they’ve affected the meanings of the work.

Furthermore, he covers audience activity meaning the “processes of signification”(Carpentier,2011) and the audience “interpretation triggered by media consumption”(Carpentier,2011) from past experiences and the current. This is relevant to my my current idea as the audience are the main component to my work as the interactive piece will not be interactive without an active audience.

This is interesting as my work completely relies on the the participation of the audience and the meaning of my work will involve the audiences opinion through interacting with the media.

Carpentier, N. (2011). Media and participation. Bristol: Intellect, pp.64-65.


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