Processing: Minim

Here I have started at looking into minim which is an audio library installed on the Processing programme.  I have looked at a few examples, these include monitoring amplitude from both recorded sound and live sound. I personally feel the audience cannot interact with the piece unless it involves the audience live.

To begin with I have found the minim quick start page with example of reading the audio and showing visual waveforms as you can see below. Depending on how high the amplitude is, the white lines grow or shrink.


From seeing the crystals exhibition I intend of altering the original image depending on volume rather than heat. However I want my image to break up into particles when there is a certain amount of sound instead of melt black, so once the image is altered it will look like something else to another person. The particles of the image will move at a faster speed depending on the severity of the volume in the space similar to the the amplitude monitor but with a different intention behind it.


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