Initial Idea

For my initial idea I am interested to focus on the audiences perception . My idea is to get the audience to interact with the piece and listen to how they perceive the work and compare it to what the correct piece is.

When we consume or use the media we engage in a dialogue in which we are actively and imaginatively make sense or what we read hear or see. (Nicholas and Price, 1998)

I want to see how these people make sense and how they interpret the media when they engage with it. To do this I will need to think of who will be seeing my media and the niches. With different individuals and groups they would understand the media “based on their own personal circumstances”(Nicholas and Price, 1998) environment and experiences . This idea came from seeing how children and adult reacted towards things differently for example some of the exhibitions in the different museums like the “Donut” video and poem about driving cars in circles at high speeds.

To show you what i mean the video below will show you have people have interpreted song lyrics even if they are not correct.

From this video you can easily see how the audience depict the lyrics they think to sound most similar and once you listen to it yourself you can see how it is easily mistaken. In my opinion some of the wrong lyrics are better than the original.

With this in mind I shall have my idea show two or more possible translations to get the spectator to solve for themselves. The media could be a live feed abstract video  or using live audio to manipulate what is on the screen. It all depends on getting the attention/interest of the audience for it to be successful.

Nicholas, J. and Price, J. (1998). Advanced studies in media. Walton-on-Thames: Nelson, pp.67-68.

Pleated-Jeans Youtube Channel, (2012). Misheard Song Lyrics. Available at: [Accessed 27 Nov. 2014].


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