Trip To London – Donut

Yesterday I went to London. One of my favourite things to do is visit museums (which all my friends know too well) and I love learning.

One exhibit that caught my attention was called Donut. The video showed a car speeding with the head brake down to cause friction between the tarmac and the tyre, you could see the left over effects on the surface as well as the tyre. it drew my eye towards how children and adult perceived the piece of art. There were a couple of opinions shown on a small screen from both older and young generations.

A young boy explained how the car spinning round drew his attention because he has an interest in cars and knew what was going on. But what surprised him was the extremely hot and melting and that is what he remembers most clearly from it.

However from the perspective of a middle-aged female she approached it differently. She did not see a car doing interesting tricks but a waste of tyres and energy. She knew there was a purpose behind the video but that was not her view of the stunt.

The reason behind the art piece from Mike Stubbs perspective was that he could not recognise how the fuels turned into speed and sound. The video made me think that this is not just him but a lot of people don’t notice. It left me with the question “is driving a necessity or a privilege and do we recognise it is or not?”

Overall, the reason for talking about this piece was how it was being perceived compared to its true message about wasting fuels and what we should treat as a privilege. It shows that depending on your audiences age and experiences they may not see it unless  they are your target audience. I have to make sure that my interactive piece and all my future pieces are clearly messaged to them and not just to me.

Here is the video below which was in the display.

Donut from Roland Denning on Vimeo.


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