Trip To London – Crystals

Now this exhibit was one of my favourites, it was a microscope connected to a screen where it showed a formation of crystals on a slide. At first I only thought it was showing you the range of colours and shapes formed on the slide but I foolishly didn’t notice the large red button right under my nose. This button had a note underneath which said melting.
Unlike everyone else I don’t like to press red buttons for the fear of something happening like getting ejected from a chair or a boxing glove comes out from the wall.But for the name of science I pushed ready to bail at any moments. But instead this is what I experienced…

Melting Crystals from Hayley Vice on Vimeo.

This interested me with the fact the beautiful pattern is almost to be devoured by the black hole in a short matter of time. This made me think of how I cold follow this natural process from these crystal reacting to a heat source and melting away leaving only black behind.


2 thoughts on “Trip To London – Crystals

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