Research: The Environment


With the interactive piece coming u soon I decided to do some prior research on the area with friends to see just how the environment works during certain times of the day and how much people pay attention to the surroundings which includes the screens I shall be projecting my final project onto.

From the research gathered even though there was a large amount of screens there was very little attention drawn to them from the students and staff passing by. However the people hanging around in the area were paying a lot more attention but this still was not very many people.

The majority of the audience were between the age of 18-25 as well as the older staff members but only 10 or so passed by which was nothing compared to the student coming in and out of the building.

It was clear that rush hours was around 15 minutes before the hour as well as on the hour. But most of the people were rushing and only looking in the direction they intend to go.

While walking both directions of the foyer as if I was heading to the cafe or out of the entrance I only see two two TVs which are in my vision straight away. On the contrary the other screens are positioned just on the wall for people like a normal TV for people who want to watch rather than the screens placed to make people see them as they walk by.

Ive noticed there are peak times in the morning sessions and not so much in the afternoon so I will have to make sure my sketch is prepared for the rush hour as well as the quite spell. Hopefully during both I will be able to grab a handful of subjects whom want to be involved with the media.


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