Independent Dorset: Part 2

After going off with our sketches we came back to a group meeting which included other groups and critiqued on what we liked and did like. From this we worked down to the design of our poster.

Dorset poster mockups


The current look we image we are going to continue with is the man riding the course as the figure shows to battle and is still recognisable with his simple white lines.


Processing 2.0 – Test 1

Here was my first attempt during a work session.

The first section show the setup of the page. I have set the size too 640×480 with the colour rate to be in HSB (Hue, Saturation, Brightness) and a fast frame rate of 25 frames per second.

// this is my first sketch// void setup (){ size(640,480); frameRate(25); colorMode(HSB, 100); }

The void draw section turns it into an animation rather than a still image. I have placed into e background here so the background reloads itself with each frame change.However i have added ‘random’ so it is different each time. Throughout the code their is mistakes and a lot of mess which I need to go through to improve.

void draw(){ background(random(0,100),random(50,100),100); strokeWeight (12); point(width/2,height/2); strokeWeight (3); //stroke(255,255,0); noStroke(); ellipse(mouseX,mouseY,random(width),random(height)); // drawing an ecllipse fill(random(0,100),random(50,100),100); ellipse(width/2,height/2,300,300);

Lines position set to ‘mouseX’ and ‘mouseY’ means the position will move where the mouse is on the canvas.

strokeWeight(40); stroke(random(0,100),random(0,250),100); line(mouseX,mouseY,random(width),random(height)); //point and text that moves to a random postition on the canvas – current point random strokeWeight(5); fill(random(0,100),random(50,100),100); //point(random(0,width),random(0,height)); text(“SWAG”,random(0,width),random(0,height)); if (keyPressed) { if (key == ‘ ‘) { background(random(0,100),random(50,100),100); } }

To save each frame and make a small video of my interactive graphic I added this last section of code.

saveFrame(“myimage####.png”); }

Here is a small clip of the processing interactive graphic finished.


myimage0001(2) from Hayley Vice on Vimeo.

This piece interests me though the crazy change of colours and the curiosity it gives you because you don’t know what to expect next.