To evaluate

To evaluate my performance in creating this video I would say that I have come along leaps and bounds where I could quite easily play around on After Effects without the help of a tutorial. However I do see lots of room for improvement.

In the video I could still see errors which I need to learn how to prevent in the future so I can create clear-cut transitions without any issues.

Overall, I was pleased with the outcome and I would like to take this further at some point as I saw multiple features which I want to find out how to use and I know that I will be able to enjoy finding out the end result each time


Current Position

I am currently on creating my video. I have noticed now how easy people can make it look, but once you get the hang of it and the video looks alright then you don’t seem to care how long it took.

My current position is  within the end. This shot shows me creating the text to animate as if the are all swinging of the word above while the camera moves down to catch the next letter.

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 03.01.10

At this point I have already been hit with camera settings not functioning, loss of work, and words deciding to go in a completely different direction to where I want it to. On the contrary, I have also enjoyed each of these hiccups after fixing the issue and seeing that section of the clip working.

This should soon be finished so I can post up the final video soon

Getting Down To It

With very little experience in After Effects I had to find tutorials and websites which could show me lots of different methods to create moving text.

I’ve seen how to make them all fit together to make a box, how to make the text look like it swings, and how to see how you can flip your text over. Looking at the videos it doesn’t seem to be a long process but I now know that if you don’t know too much of what you are trying to do it can take hours, maybe even year for me at this rate… However, some of these videos have inspired my thoughts on how I can do some of my text.

PlanHere above shows an Image of some of the scribbles I have gotten together to plan my video.


My Sound Clip

I have found the sound clip from one of my favourite movies and my personal opinion of a classic film, Forest Gump.

Here is a clip showing one of the sections I am thinking of doing. This is the scene here Forest Gump is in the Army where he and Bubba (his new friend) talk about different types of Shrimp.

For this I was thinking of using the section where Gump talks to the Drill Sergeant.

Kinetic Typography

Today I decided to have a browse at Kinetic Typography. To elaborate it is an animation of text moving around the screen, appearing and disappearing in a sequence. Or at least this is what I have seen in almost all of the videos I have watched this type of animation within.

We were given a clip that we could have used for the movie Gravity but I didn’t want to do that seeing as over the time space of 10 minutes I already hated it. So my current task is to find a track that I want to use for my first test at kinetic typography.

A Blender First

Here is my first Blender Image. This is only of two wine glasses. I was going to create a it with wine pouring in but I found this to be a little too much as this was my first try. wine glass

I do intend to still go further with this in the Future to create a wine glass with liquid inside of it.

I am pleased with the outcome as it does look like it is a glass now.  With the reflection it makes the viewer see it as glass, but with the bottom of the bowl on the glass it its exactly how you see it on a real glass.

The method to creating this was not as difficult as I had expected. It was a simple process to understand once I had learnt what keys to use and which buttons to alter.

My plan

After yesterday I have seen a couple of videos on what people have been able to create on Blender and this has lead me on to think of what I wanted to make myself.

One object that did catch my eye was a glass bowl. In the video, the glass bowl was clear through and looked very realistic with the light shining through and the background being clear when you looked through.

As you can see I am thinking of creating a wine glass. At this point I am not sure whether I want to fill it with wine or not depending on the difficulty.



The other day we were introduced to a new software called Blender. This is a 3D Animating Programme which from videos I have seen can create quite life like objects.

We were shown different features on the software that we could use if we wanted, this included rapping 3d images, changing the effects of objects to emit light, and hiding objects from sight etc. Other features I had found were creating moving camera angles, altering shapes to create objects and multiple viewing ways to help edit your shape.

I intend on learning how to do some simple things on blender to see how easy it is to understand and to find out what results I can create.