The Sound To The Movement

The plan: to create an animation with sound. Where the sound compliments the animation to keep the viewing interesting.
First step, the sound…
To create some inspiration for the video I listened to a range of tunes, each different to one another from orchestral to electrical.
Playing around with garage band I tried out different loops I could blend together to create a unique sound. After browsing through the collection I went on to testing out three sounds with one another.
I chose to go with an updated sound (compared to the instrumental loops) using a synthesiser, a drum kit rhythm, and the clave.

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 20.41.44

As you can see from the screenshot above, this is the order of the audio that I have constituted together to create my final mp3 from my animation. Each of the loops are synced with each other so there is a gradual blend of the loops to prevent a dramatic alteration that damaged the sounds quality.
Secondly, it is clear that I have tampered with the synthetics track volume to sound more professional and lessen the blunt ending.
The clave and the drum kit sounds were used to create a change to the tune so it didn’t become repetitive.  For the sound end I chose to use the clave’s beat to finish  as it was a simple quiet rhythm. This was so the sound wouldn’t end so abruptly. Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 20.43.37
Here you can see I have decreased the volume of the Clave to create a graduated ending to the tune. This is a better approach than a swift cut off.
After forming my final sound I have been able to create up some ideas on how I would like my animation to look and how it will interact with the sound.  This could be with the use of colours, lines, curves, etc.

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