The Collaborative Project Outcome

Below I have added pictures of the site that a few members of the collaborative group has created. It holds all of the edited videos files which the rest of the group filmed and altered including the testimonials.

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 00.21.28

The site looks professional and has the use of overlaying pages and jQuery for the video links. The colour scheme is ranged and compliments the variety of performances the Convex lens can give each user.Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 00.21.40

The layout is very simple but with the background not being white it doesn’t make it a negative. Secondly, it allows the viewer to find what they need quickly with the videos clearly displayed and organised design.

The final videos were all edited to a high standard and were made to be quite comical as well as informing so it would catch the viewer’s attention. I was responsible for the editing of the two testimonials which I made more informal to show a more serious side to the product. From research, I have seen that the best testimonials are the ones that are more serious but light-hearted so the viewer can see how they are physically happy about the product instead of being silly and possibly jeopardising the viewers actually taking it seriously. Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 01.35.55

With the overall outcome of this project I was surprised with how well it came out with all the problems we had to work around, etc. However, this could be improved for next time with a more diverse range of camera angles for the videos. Or show how the lens works in first person and within first person.

To see the site with all the final edited videos click this link 


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