The video outcome

From the previous post about the storyboarding we followed most of them, however we were limited with choice of location and what was possible to do so each had to be altered on the day of footage.

One the filming day we started off with the baking scene where I was acting out to be a poor cook trying to bake pancakes that go horribly wrong without the Convex lens. This scene was not shot in first person at all which I expected could have been the case while I was creating the storyboards. This scene was shot multiple times at different angles to create a range of choice when it comes to editing.

This scene was then moved to another house to show how it all changed compared to life without the convex where the cooking was perfect with little cake perfectly cooked on the tray thanks to the help of Convex.

Secondly we shot the music scene where the consumer at first is really bad at playing any instrument but with the lens can play ay tune on the guitar with ease. This was the scene I filmed. I went for a range of close up and slight changes of angles to see the guitar at one point and the actors expression in an other.

Other scenes filmed were navigating where the viewer got lost without Convex,  and consumers without the lens not being able to skate or stay on the board at all.

The most interesting scenes filmed for me were the ones I had spontaneously thought about on the day. These were the testimonials. I came up with the idea that there should be videos of people praising the product seeing as I have seen quite a few companies use this method to gain the trust of the possible customers and aid their profit. I chose to interview 5 people with different scripts so everyone had a different topic to comment about.

The testimonials were my favourite to film, I had full control of these videos having to script, direct the shots and communicate to the actors in a professional manner. The results I got in footage quality were of a high enough standard that I thought would compliment the product and suit the rest of videos.


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