The Beginning of The Group Porject

We have been given the task to create a channel based on the possible future, i.e. technology, the economy, etc.

My group and I had gotten together to discuss the Idea of this project. We through out ideas about using a future product that was the next best thing compared to apple products right now.

The first thought that we trough out was a product that contained a daily vlog a person testing the product created which slowly changed to for the negative, the consumer ends up being controlled by the eye piece becoming paranoid and being driven to insanity. However we did not go through with this idea and we all didn’t see how this connected to all key pointers of the brief where we couldn’t show the channel to be ending at any point but continuing as if the channel was still going on forever.

The next idea was about the product. It started around to be like a computer like a chip in the brain or a contact lens. But with great consideration we have decided to go towards the idea of the contact lens, which I was able to convince the group to move forward with.