My Website Ideas

After brainstorming and research I came to two ideas that I wanted my website to look like.  Both were quite different but were kept to the same colour scheme of green, pink, black and white.

Idea 1  


The first idea was to have a home page with one of my black and white images with a glass effect on the header of the page. I would have my logo at the top of the page so the viewer could see my logo and relate it to me. I would have the links in boxes in the body. The links would be animated boxes the opened up to the size of the screen instead of bring the viewer to another page.

The linked boxes would also be slightly opaque and give the glass effect to match the header and to keep a professional look. However the boxes would be a different colour so the image would look like the colour of the box or boxes.

 Idea 2 

idea 2

With the second idea I thought of having all of my information on one large scrolling page with links at the top to direct them to different parts of the page.

I would all be in order of the links so the viewer could scroll all the way down or take the shortcut.

The colours of the site would be pink, green, back and white as said at the beginning. For the header I would have a picture of my or my circular logo and have my name at the top.

Each of the sections down the page would be one of three colours to keep the page interesting and to tell different sections apart from one another.

Looking at both ideas they both appealed to me. In the end I felt that the best idea for me was the first idea with the glass effect and black and white image seeing as it was more interactive and felt like it could seem more personal that the other idea.


This Is The Beginning

For the next project we were given the task to create our own personal portfolio. For mine, I wanted it to be to show a lot about me from the colours used throughout, to the style of text. I decided to create myself a mind map of everything about me that I could use to create a personal unique style.